Thank You from Barb's Frame of Mind!

Barb founded the frame shop in January 1992, so its fitting in a way to bookend the Barb's Frame of Mind experience by closing in December 2022. Thirty years is too short a time to spend with such excellent and admirable Tucsonans, if I may paraphrase (poorly) from my favorite author.  But it's not time for Good Bye just yet!

We will continue to take new orders for just a while longer, through October 15th in fact. I'm sorry that doesn't leave much time, so if there is something special you've been holding off getting framed for awhile, this is the time!

After we have fulfilled our last custom orders, we will shift focus to clearing out our inventory of posters, framed and otherwise, as well as ready-made frames of various sizes and styles.  Look for us one last time at the Fourth Avenue Winter Street Fair and take something unique home with you.

Closing date... not yet decided.  Look here or our Facebook page for updates.

Take the streetcar! You can ride the Streetcar from the north side of campus to the west side of the Santa Cruz right down 4th ave of course. Look for more information on the SunLink website.

Check out our specialty: HAND PAINTED FRAMES For pricing, availability or other information, please call or email us

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 319 E 8th St.,
 Tucson, AZ, 85705