The world has been afflicted by the covid 19 pandemic for two years now. Here at Barb's Frame of Mind we were closed for 2 months in the spring of 2020 and reopened with a stringent masking and social distancing regime.  But with the widespread availibility of vaccines now in the summer of 2022 our situation is much more relaxed regarding masks and social distancing.  Our first and best advice to all our customers is if you are eligible and have no medical impediments to do so, please get vaccinated. What are you waiting for already.  Community transmission of covid 19 remains concerning so we are always evaluating the situation in our area and may reimpose masking and social distancing measures if need be. 

It remains true that what's most important is your safety, our safety and the safety of the Tucson community. To that end, here are our highly recomended practices for customers and employees at Barb's Frame of Mind.

Be vaccinated.

Not everyone is eligible for vaccination, the very young mostly, and some persons predisposed to allergic reactions. It is for these people that the rest of us get vaccinated and combat the spread of this highly communicable virus.

Get tested.

Feeling ill, don't risk your health and the health of family, friends and neighbors in our community. Take a test, you can order a limited number of rapid tests via the USPS for free. Can't wait, schedule a test at your local testing center.

How about a mask?

They are an effective measure against the spread of disease.  If you are not vaccinated, again, please see the first recomendation, then please wear a mask during your visit to the shop. We will provide a simple surgical mask if you do not have one already.  It will not be a high end N95, sorry, you'll need to get your own if that's what your into.  We will gladly don masks ourselves at your request.

Social distancing.

We have taken down our plexiglass barriers and no longer impose the one alligator ( 6') rule, however, we are not going in for handshakes and hugs just yet. Hugs, probably not ever. 


We are a business that typically deals with only one customer at a time so if you just call ahead we will schedule each design or pick-up session to suit, that being said, we are not requiring appointments at this time. We recomend calling before you drop in to inquire about the number of people in the shop and our level of busy-ness. If you are picking up a completed order we encourage you, but again not required, when you call us, to pay over the phone and we would be happy to bring your order to your car.


We will be cleaning and disinfecting the surfaces daily. We have plenty of hand sanitizer and wipes on hand and we will also have masks available for our customers.

Please note that not all of our suppliers have reopened and there may be some restrictions on availability, and possibly longer delays on shipping of materials.

Of course, please put off any trips if you are feeling ill or have a cough or fever. 

Following these policies, we believe we can tip toe back into business in a safe manner and we will continue to monitor the situation and update our policies as need be. 

Thank you so much


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Saturday 9:30 - 3